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 Department of Nuclear Medicine

Nagyerdei krt. 98, Debrecen, Hungary. Phone/fax: +36 52 255-500

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Welcome to the home page of the Institute of Nuclear Medicine!

Our institute was established in 2006 by fusing two former departments of the Medical and Health Science Center (MHSC) of the University of Debrecen:

  •  The Department of Nuclear Medicine provided a wide scale of diagnostic procedures by gamma cameras, and radionuclide therapy.
  •  The PET Center - first in Hungary - performed positron emission tomography, together with the production of positron-labeled radiopharmaceuticals.
  •  A few years earlier joined the department the "In vitro" Division, a former part of the Central Servicing Laboratory that provided a beta-measuring facility for various departments of the MHSC.

You can learn about the main fields of our institute's activities by pressing one of the buttons above.


Production and distribution of positron-labeled radiopharmaceuticals.


Teaching nuclear diagnostics and therapy to university and college students, residents, and technologists.


  •  Development of medical image processing methods and program packages with industrial cooperation.

  •  Clinical and preclinical research in the field of nuclear medicine.

  •  Clinical cooperation includes the validation of the diagnostic and prognostic value of different nuclear imaging methods.

  •  A recent project aimed at developing a miniPET small animal camera together with its data acquisition and processing system.

Patient care

The patient service is now run by a private subcontractor ScanoMed Ltd, operating a TOF PET/CT, SPECT/CT, and several dedicated gamma cameras. The two parties together have been accredited as a training centre by the European Association of Nuclear Medicine.

Contact data

Phone / Fax: +36 52 255-500
To schedule nuclear medicine procedures call: 52 422-870 or DEOEC ext. 55040
Mailing address:
H-Nagyerdei krt. 98, Debrecen, H-4012, Hungary
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